Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Here is a letter I have written to my Congressman on the recent events in Honduras. If you agree with my point, please write your representative and Senators on this issue, too.

Mr. Wittman,

I am writing to ask, as one of your constituents, that you do what you can that is within your power to help the nation of Honduras fight against the authoritarian whims of its would-be dictator, Jose Manuel Zelaya. The press, world government, and Latin American states are all trying to stack the deck and rewrite the story about what's going on in Honduras. The simple fact is that the country is trying to abide by its own Constitution, and Zelaya continues to try to subvert the process to achieve his own ends. Honduras only allows one-term Presidents, and Zelaya tried to change that via referendum, but in an unconstitutional way. When that failed, he tried to forcibly push through the referendum process. The Honduran Supreme Court ordered the military to abide by the Consitution and disallow such a referendum. That is the side of the "military coup" story that folks like Chavez and los Castros don't want the rest of the world to know.

Please do what you can to ensure the U.S. shows solidarity with the lawful Honduran government and doesn't bow to the whims of this would-be dictator.

Ben Bursae

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