Monday, November 17, 2008

Here is a letter I wrote to my Congressman on the proposed auto bailout. Yeah, let's go ahead and subsidize failure yet again! Enjoy.


13 November 2008

Hon. Representative Wittman,

I am writing to urge you to strongly oppose the recent proposal put forth by Speaker Pelosi to use taxpayers' dollars to bail out the "Big Three" automakers.

I wrote you previously on the "Bank Bailout," urging you to oppose it, and I appreciate the way in which you listened to your constituents and voted against it both times. I submit to you that this bailout of the auto makers is possibly even "more wrong" than the bank bailout. At least in the case of the banks, there was some view (however misguided) that the economy could collapse without any Congressional action. Here, we are simply talking about large corporations that have been performing at a substandard level for a long time now, long before the timeline associated with the mortgage and credit crisis. There is no threat to the national economy if they are made to face the consequences of their past decision-making. In fact, if they were to ultimately fail (signaling a failure on their part to successfully adapt to the market), it is quite believable that other more successful car companies could and would step in to purchase the manufacturing assets of these companies, with little to no loss of jobs from the transition.

By granting these companies a bailout, Congress would be effectively taking money from Mr. Joe Taxpayer and giving it directly to company shareholders. There's no other way to look at it. This would be an unconscionable dereliction of duty by any Congressman or -woman charged with the power of the purse. Additionally, it is not our job as a society to subsidize poor management and performance. When a company cannot make a profit, its management and its shareholders should pay the price...not the American taxpayer.

Recent political reactions to the "economic crisis" are quickly causing more and more people in this country to get accustomed to the idea of the government "saving the day" (which it rarely succeeds at). The more this happens, the more palatable it will seem when people on the extreme right or left move to socialize more and more sectors of our economy and/or society. We will all wake up one day and realize that it's a Brave New World (not a good thing). The time is now to draw the line and stand up to those who would benefit from making people more and more reliant on the government (those people being the ones with the power to make the decisions for everyone else).

I recognize that the elections are over, and as such, there is no immediate consequence from not heeding the wishes of your constituents (as there may have been with the bank bailout). That being said, I am certain that other citizens like me will begin keeping score for the next elections starting now. In the meantime, I implore you to fight this blatant catering to special interests simply because it is the right thing to do. Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a pleasant day!

Ben Bursae

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Path Ahead

Well, that last letter to the editor never got published. I guess the Free-Lance Star was worried that it would reach too many people and open their eyes. Oh well.

Here is my latest submission, highlighting the fact that those of us who oppose socialist policies (and therefore will disagree with Obama's administration on a large percentage of issues) do not have to just sit round the campfire with the Obamaniacs, singing cumbaya while they systematically destroy our freedoms. We must lobby our representatives (state and federal) to provide opposition at every turn to freedom-destroying policies. Perhaps our state reps can have the courage to stand up to federal pressure. Maybe our Congressional reps can make the compromises needed to minimize the damage done by over-reaching federal programs. That is what we need. It's the purpose for our system of checks and balances -- so that a new administration is not simply given free reign to enact its programs. The checks and balances provided by Congress on the President (and by the States on the Federal) are currently the only means for the voices of freedom-loving Americans (i.e., those who didn't vote for Obama) to be heard.

The last part of the letter is another plug (as I will be trying to do as often as possible) for the FairTax - an issue we should all be lobbying for. Hope you enjoy the letter.


Letter to Editor, Free-Lance Star

To the editor,

Just because Obama has been elected doesn't mean those of us who didn't vote for him have to just take his socialist policies lying down. I say this not because Democrats' hypocritical calls for reuniting to work together to achieve Obama's stated goals ring hollow given their own howling and obstructive responses to past Republican victories. No, I say this because this is why we have checks and balances: to limit the extent that one group can abuse the power invested in a particular branch of government.

We still have people that can help represent our interests: our Congressional and State legislative representatives. Now more than ever, we need strong Congressmen and women willing to stand up for freedom. We need State delegates courageous enough to fight ever-expanding and ever-abusive federal power.

Keep up on the latest issues -- on the latest big-government initiatives the Obama administration is trying to shove down our throats (and keep an eye on the ever-dangerous Pelosi/Reid combo, too). Then, lobby your Congressmen and women (write, call, meet, etc.) to oppose these attempts to expand the government's insidious grip over our lives. Petition our
State delegates to fight for States' rights and combat the federal government's overreaching policies.

One issue that needs (and should have) our widespread lobbying and support (now more than ever) is the FairTax. This is an issue that shouldn't pit Democrats versus Republicans, but rather ordinary citizens versus special interests. By reforming the system by which federal revenues are collected, we will achieve much greater transparency in our government's expenditures while at the same time implementing a much more progressive method of taxation that is better for lower and middle class taxpayers. Politicians won't be able to grant their political favors to special interests under the guise of targeted tax credits and deductions anymore. Write your representatives and senators to demand their support for the FairTax.

Very respectfully,
Ben Bursae
Fredericksburg, VA