Friday, July 24, 2009

And here is an EXCELLENT article from Peggy Noonan on the healthcare debate. This is a must-read! And it even expounds on some points I was making to some friends elsewhere today (specifically, the idea of paying for the healthcare of people who don't make great lifestyle choices and the intrusion that invites when gov't (i.e., the taxpayers) is paying the bill). I pray she is right that the plan will be stopped altogether.
Here is an interesting article on Obama's recent missteps in commenting on the recent arrest of an African-American Harvard professor just outside his home.

I have to agree with this criticism of Obama sticking his nose into something he didn't fully understand. He should be using his pedestal in a manner consistent with his campaign foster improved relations between police and the minority communities they serve, rather than to aggravate tensions. Isn't he the one who declared a post-racial America?!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Over at Café Hayek, Russ Roberts has posted the link below to the org chart that shows how the Democrats' healthcare plan will work. And he rightly notes that our current system wouldn't look all that much better.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Here is a letter I have written to my Congressman on the recent events in Honduras. If you agree with my point, please write your representative and Senators on this issue, too.

Mr. Wittman,

I am writing to ask, as one of your constituents, that you do what you can that is within your power to help the nation of Honduras fight against the authoritarian whims of its would-be dictator, Jose Manuel Zelaya. The press, world government, and Latin American states are all trying to stack the deck and rewrite the story about what's going on in Honduras. The simple fact is that the country is trying to abide by its own Constitution, and Zelaya continues to try to subvert the process to achieve his own ends. Honduras only allows one-term Presidents, and Zelaya tried to change that via referendum, but in an unconstitutional way. When that failed, he tried to forcibly push through the referendum process. The Honduran Supreme Court ordered the military to abide by the Consitution and disallow such a referendum. That is the side of the "military coup" story that folks like Chavez and los Castros don't want the rest of the world to know.

Please do what you can to ensure the U.S. shows solidarity with the lawful Honduran government and doesn't bow to the whims of this would-be dictator.

Ben Bursae

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A friend forwarded me this article by Jesse Jackson in the Chicago Sun-Times. I am mystified and absolutely astounded that this man can honestly continue to serve as a spokesman for anyone.

Short review: This laughing-stock of a human being is honestly saying that discrimination against white males should be okay. That is literally what he is saying at the end of the piece. My assessment is, therefore, that he is truly a useless piece of human excrement!

Longer review: Jackson seems as bound by his tunnel-vision of U.S and human history as ever. He seems to think that blacks are the only group of people in this country to ever face any systemic form of discrimination (false). Worse than that ignorance of U.S. history, he comes to what can be described as specious-at-best conclusions regarding the rectifying of past wrongs against an entire race of people. He apparently hasn't subscribed to his President's vision of a post-racial America.

He summarily dismisses without any reasonable argument Justice O'Connor's assessment of the 14th amendment's applicability to a "group." His are the bygone and mistaken arguments for a system that only serves to perpetuate the judging of people by the color of their skin and not the content of their character...that white males could use a little system-imposed setback here or there. As if that is going to serve to heal the racial divide in America!

I pray that folks in the black community have already begun dismissing his loony rants and ravings as coming from someone who clearly benefits from race-baiting and hate-mongering. Jesse Jackson operates solely to increase his own power base, which is influence/control over others of his race. I pray they have already begun to reject that irrational and mind-numbing control.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Just wanted to share a link to a facebook exchange between a friend and me on cap-and-trade that illustrates the closed-mindedness of so many liberals and "environmentalists" out there, who can't acknowledge dissenting opinions (or aren't aware that they're out there, thanks in large part to a liberal media). The ramifications of something as broad and sweeping as cap-and-trade are too big to allow liberals to do their typical shrill screaming and labeling of folks they disagree with. The debates need to happen...the debate on the science of this issue and the debate on the consequences of the socialist response to this issue (i.e., the cap-and-trade bill). Here is the link where you can hopefully read more of what was said between my friend Dave and myself. Take care.