Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My recent commentary when forwarding this news story about the proposed "economic stimulus" package. (The only thing I can see it stimulating is my gag reflex.)

What this story does not say at all is whether the "rebate" is going to come out of next year's tax returns (the way the last one did), thus reducing next year's return by that same amount. Not much of a rebate if it isn't an actual tax cut. If so, are those people who get $300 despite having no income tax burden going to have to pay that money back, since they normally would not have even paid $300 in taxes throughout the year? This is utterly ridiculous. It promotes a nanny state mentality...and then there's the Dems complaining that unemployment isn't being extended. Like we need actual hardworking Americans footing even more of the bill for people who haven't bothered to get a job in 26 weeks to continue to sit on their asses. Yeah, that'll help stimulate the economy!! What stimulates an economy is more productivity...not less. Hence, the tax breaks for capital investments actually makes some semblance of sense, though I still have a problem with the government getting involved at all. They're only getting involved with that type of thing because they're already too involved as it is. And then there's Rangel (good old Rangel, who wants to reinstate the draft!) saying he cannot "accept" the resistance of President Bush and Republican leaders to including an extension of unemployment benefits for those who are without work through no fault of their own?!? Apparently, no one acts of their own accord anymore. Apparently, people don't choose where they are going to work, and thereby don't have to deal with it when their workplace cannot afford to continue to employ them. Apparently people cannot make a choice to go out and get a job. And apparently, people are *entitled* to live a life without risk, as the government is SO willing to spend *other people's money* to provide such risk reductions! But, this is the Party of No Accountability we're talking about here. This is the Party of Collective Mentality (yes, there is a paradox there, since there is no such thing as a collective mind), the Party of the Nanny State.

Also, while I don't agree with the rebates in any form, I especially disagree with the argument that says giving these rebates to the poorest is going to stimulate the economy by encouraging them to spend. The majority of people are going to use this money to pay a bill, rather than go out and buy something material. If anything, it would be people that are more well off who would likely use the extra disposable income to consume. The key phrase there is disposable income. Many of the poorest people don't have much disposable income to begin with. And, economics tells you that productivity will stimulate an economy, not consumption.

I grow sicker and sicker of the socialist mentality of so many "leaders" in this country. If you made it this far, thanks for putting up with my rant. I copied you all on this so that, in case this makes sense to you, it might give you some ammunition for writing your legislators to oppose this before it's too late. It's probably too late anyway. I'm done now. :)

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